The Events That Stopped Our Lives… from the Hindenburg Explision to the Munich Olympics Tragedy. 

Few phrases garner as much attention as “We Interrupt This Broadcast…”

Wherever we may happen to be, our lives stop for a moment, and we experience those few seconds of anxiety beteween the interruption and the actual announcement of what has happend.


  1. Intdroduction [audio:01 Introduction.mp3,|titles=Introduction,|autostart=no]
  2. The Hindenburg Explodes [audio:02 The Hindenburg Explodes.mp3|titles=The Hindenburg Explordes|autostart=no]
  3. Pearl Harbor Under Attack [audio:03 Pearl Harbor Under Attack.mp3,|titles=Pearl Harbor Under Attack|autostart=no]
  4. D-Day: The Normandy Invasion [audio:04 D-Day_ The Normandy Invasion.mp3|titles=D-Day: The Normandy Invasion|autostart=no]
  5. President Roosevelt Dies [audio:05 President Roosevelt Dies.mp3|titles=President Roosevelt Dies|autostart=no]
  6. V-E Day: War in Europe Ends [audio:06 V-E Day_ War In Europe Ends.mp3|titles=V-E Day: War in Europe Ends|autostart=no]
  7. Atomic Bomb Destroys Hiroshima [audio:07 Atomic Bomb Destroys Hiroshima.mp3|titles=Atomic Bomb Destroys Hiroshima|autostart=no]
  8. Japan Surrenders: WWII ends [audio:08 Japan Surrenders Wwii Ends.mp3|titles=Japan Surrenders: WWII Ends|autostart=no]
  9. Truman Defeats Dewey [audio:09 Truman Defeats Dewey.mp3|titles=Truman Defeats Dewey|autostart=no]
  10. General MacArthur Fired [audio:10 General MacArthur Fired.mp3|titles=General MacArthur Fired|autostart=no]
  11. Sputnik Launched by Soviets [audio:11 Sputnik Launched By Soviets.mp3|titles=Sputnik Launched By Soviets|autostart=no]
  12. John Glenn Orbits Earth
  13. Marilyn Monroe Dies
  14. Cuban Misslie Crisis: Nuclear War Threatended
  15. President Kennedy Assassinated
  16. Lee Harvey Oswald Assassinated [audio:16 Lee Harvey Oswald Assassinated.mp3|titles=Lee Harvey Oswald Assassinated,|autostart=no]
  17. PresidentJohnson Declines Reelection Bid [audio:17 President Johnson Declines Reelec.mp3|titles=President Johnson Declines Reelec.|autostart=no]
  18. Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinated [audio:18 Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinat.mp3,Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinat|autostart=no]
  19. Robert Kennedy Assassinated [audio:19 Robert Kennedy Assassinated.mp3|titles=Robert Kennedy Assassinated|autostart=no]
  20. Apollo 11: Man Walks on Moon [audio:20 Apollo 11_ Man Walks On The Moon.mp3,|titles=Apollo 11_ Man Walks On The Moon,|autostart=no]
  21. Apollo 13: Astronauts Escape Disaster [audio:21 Apollo 13_ Astonauts Escape Disas.mp3,Apollo 13 Astonauts Escape Disas|autostart=no]
  22. Kent State Massacre [audio:22 Kent State Massacre.mp3,|titles=Kent State Massacre|autostart=no]
  23. Munich Olimpics Tragedy [audio:23 Munich Olympics Tragedy.mp3|titles=Munich Olympics Tragedy|autostart=no]

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